5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 63: “Sasuke’s Secret Weapon”

by Sage Ashford

In the aftermath of the Otsutsuki Clan’s attack on Konoha Village, all hope seems lost. Can Sasuke, Boruto and the others unite to save the planet? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. This has got to be the worst day of young Boruto’s life. After the explosion from the Chuunin Exams being attacked, Boruto awakens in a hospital to find that his mother caught a beatdown trying to protect her husband, his teammate Mitsuki is in critical condition thanks to his chakra being stolen, and he believes his dad died trying to save the city.
….And all of that before you get to him being publicly humiliated and stripped of his position as a ninja in front of a sizable portion of Konoha. It’s really no wonder he snaps early on and just rushes out of the hospital without speaking to anyone other than his sister, Sarada and Sakura. This is how you raise the stakes for Boruto compared to his father: by giving him so much, he has so much more to protect…or lose.

2. It wouldn’t be a story in the Naruto universe without a bunch of flashbacks. Even though it doesn’t hurt the flow of momentum too much, it’s still weird how much time this episode wastes flashing back to moments we just saw in this arc.  I mean yeah, it’s longer than most Boruto arcs, but this isn’t approaching anything in Boruto–in the stream on demand era surely anyone who’s confused could simply…go back and see it again. But no, they constructed some pretty emotional flashbacks this episode to remind everyone Boruto’s an idiot.

3. One thing I appreciate is how this episode skipped right to the part where they got all their aces together. After Boruto gets all weepy, he rushes to his father’s office and realizes what a jerk he’s been all this time, along with gaining a small grasp of the true difference in their powers.  Accepting that he’s been the uncool one all this time, he dons his father’s jacket just in time for Sasuke to arrive and call him a loser for cheating in the Chuunin Exams. This from the guy who spent half of Naruto chasing power by literally any means necessary in order to kill various people without ever knowing the full story–it’s good to know Sasuke is trash regardless of the time period.
In any case, Sasuke reveals Naruto’s still alive and says they’re going to rescue him, just in time for the other Kage to show up and promise they’ll help recover Naruto. This team could’ve easily been a collection of scrubs like Sakura for the sake of nostalgia, leading to me yelling at the story’s internal logic just ’cause the writer wanted to be cute.

4. The one part of story logic that doesn’t hold up though is when the Kages question why Sasuke’s bringing along some brat, only for Sasuke to say he’s there because he’s supposed to “take over” if they fail.
Taking over…what, precisely? If five of the strongest ninja on the planet couldn’t stop them, Boruto certainly couldn’t. And if he means taking over leading the village, well. It’s doubtful the village would listen to a thirteen year old who already disgraced himself once. Seriously, it would have been fine to simply have Boruto say “I’m coming because they kidnapped my father”, and stopped there.

5. Speaking of, I’m uncomfortable with how much this episode went out of its way to make Boruto be like his father. Him putting on the jacket as something of a symbolic gesture to recognize his errors? Sure. But one of the last shots of the episode is his mannerisms matching his father so much his mom literally sees Naruto’s younger self for a moment.
Admittedly, from the looks of things Hinata caught a whole six piece combo from the Otsutsuki Clan so she might still be a bit loopy, but it wasn’t a bad thing Boruto didn’t want to be like his dad. It meant he wasn’t content to just follow in the footsteps of greatness, but sought to forge his own path.  He just needed to be less of a brat about his father, which is hopefully where things settle when this arc finally wraps up.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is available on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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