24 Panels: Kieron Gillen Is Joined By Alan Moore On Charity Comic Supporting The Grenfell Tower Survivors

by Olly MacNamee

Many readers across the pond may not have heard of the Grenfell Tower fire of last year, which resulted in 72 deaths, the shaming of a local council and a public outcry that is still strong a year later. With many lessons to be learnt and many families still homeless, grieving and feeling abandoned by a seemingly uncaring local council and a government hellbent on savagely cutting spending to a dangerous level under the guise of ‘austerity’, there have been a number of charity events to help raise much needed funds for the survivors. But now it’s the comic community’s turn with an anthology, edited by Kieron Gillen, called 24 Panels and to be published by Image Comics this November.
In UK newspaper, The Guardian, Alison Flood interviews Gillen as part of a larger announcement that Alan Moore has signed on to add a strip with his wife, Melinda Gebbie. Gillen describes Moore and Gebbie’s strip – an illustrated poem – as, “one of the most politically charged pieces in the book”, adding, “It’s essentially an illustrated poem which is about trying to offer comfort to those who need it, and a controlled and precise anger at the establishment.
A spiritual sequel to 24 Stories, published earlier this year and featuring 24 stories by 24 different writers and also aiming to raise funds for the Grenfell Tower survivors, 24 Panels profits will go specifically to those suffering with PTSD.

Like 24 Stories, 24 Panels features 12 works drawn from open submissions, and 12 from well-known comic writers and illustrators who volunteered their time. Alongside Moore and Gebbie’s story, the anthology will feature contributions from Laurie Penny, Paul Cornell, Dilraj Mann, Antony Johnston and Alex de Campi, among others. Published by Image Comics on 21 November, its stories are intended to promote “hope, community, positivity and unity”, according to organisers, with each submission no longer than 24 panels.

Entitled, ‘If Einstein Was Right..”. here’s a snippet of the poem, focusing on aristocratic right-winger Boris Johnson, and those austerity measures I mentioned earlier.

That same year a Bullingdon club clown
swears that he’ll leave fire services alone,
Then, three years later, cuts them to the bone,
Says, ‘Get stuffed’ as ten stations are closed down,
And twenty-seven engines fade from view.
He also shall endure forevermore.
His treacheries caught in time’s amber, for
Disgrace and shame are both eternal, too.
Do ask your LCBS about this worthwhile title, coming November 21st from Image and read the whole article form The Guardian here.
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