Bruce Boxleitner To Replace Brent Spiner In Supergirl Role

by Erik Amaya


Data is out and Tron is in over at Supergirl.
According to The Hollywoood Reporter, Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Brent Spiner will not longer play Vice President Baker in the fourth season of The CW drama. The reason: both scheduling and family issues conflicting with the production of the show. But taking his place is someone quite familiar with presidential affairs: Babylon 5‘s Bruce Boxleitner.
The actor played Captain John Sheridan for four years on the 1990s syndicated sci-fi series. The final year saw Sheridan become president of a new Interstellar Alliance. That’s good job experience as Baker is said to be “an unlikely leader who steps up in a big way up when his country needs him most.”
That character description leads us to believe Baker will eventually become president should Lynda Carter’s president Olivia Marsdin be outed as a shape-shifting Durlan. With Spiner in the role, there was a greater possibility Baker would turn out to be some sort of antagonist, but Boxleitner, who has made a career of playing heroes in television shows like Scarecrow and Mrs. King and the feature film Tron, suggests more of a straight shooter. That said, it would be interesting to see the actor make a heel turn as Baker.
Supergirl returns October 14th on The CW.

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