Overwatch Releases New Animated Short, ‘Shooting Star’

by Christine Marie Attardo

Get ready for some intense action in Overwatch’s new animated short, Shooting StarIt follows character, D.Va as she strives to protect the planet from evil robots.

Here’s the description from Blizzard:

Behind closed doors and away from the cameras, beloved former pro gamer and current MEKA squad pilot D.Va prepares her mech for the unexpected…

It’s seven and a half minutes of an emotional rollercoaster. First of all, I’ve played as this character before. So for me, that made the short all the more entertaining. Beyond that, you get an inside look at her personality. The thing that is so cool about these animated shorts are the backstory and the deeper look you get at the characters.
Besides that, the quality is stunning! I mean, when is Overwatch going to release a full length film? Be sure to check out this short and all of the others. If you haven’t played Overwatch yet, I promise you it’s worth it. I feared the intensity at first, but find it to be really fun! For more information head on over to their website.

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