Manga Series Escape Journey & Coyote Arriving This Fall From SuBLime

by Gary Catig

Company SuBLime is the leading global English-language yaoi manga publisher. This fall, they have two new romance-based titles set to be released. They are Escape Journey, a tale of a rekindled relationship, and Coyote, a forbidden supernatural love series.

In Escape Journey, two high school students, Naoto and Taichi, begin dating but their bond doesn’t last, as it crashes and burns. When they both leave for college, they find themselves reunited and reigniting their passionate relationship. The series will be the English language debut of creator Ogeretsu Tanaka and will come out September 11th.
SubLime editor, Jennifer LeBlanc, says:

Fans are going to enjoy this love story about high school ex’s rediscovering in adulthood their complicated feelings for each other. Like it or not, Taichi and Naoto still have an undeniable chemistry. Find out if these college students overcome their high school hang-ups or instead make the same mistakes that originally tore them apart.

Coyote is set to drop on October 9th and is created by Ranmaru Zariya. The titular character is a werewolf who disguises himself to live among the humans. One day, he falls for a handsome pianist and their forbidden passion cannot be contained.
Of this series, LeBlanc says:

COYOTE is Ranmaru Zariya’s second English-language release, following VOID, her first work with us. When the supernatural and human worlds collide, primal urges cause tensions to mount and sparks to fly. There’s more than one kind of heat emanating from this title.

SuBLime has two interesting and different love stories to cater to any hopeless romantic. Keep in mind that both titles have explicit content, though.

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