Final Trailer For The Predator Features Profanity And Insanity

by Erik Amaya

A supposedly crazy team of soldiers takes the focus in the final trailer for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming The Predator. Whatever their mistakes, its about to become moot as a full ship of Predators makes their way into town and threatens, well, everybody. And while their sanity might be debatable, their love of profanity is undeniable.

It’s also nice to see director Shane Black give the term “Predator” an in-universe reasoning inside of a punchline. In fact, this is the first trailer to really feature Black’s greatest strength: his dialogue. Everything else, though, still looks oddly low-budget and off-brand for a Predator flick. Then again, it might just be impossible to make a compelling Predator movie at this point. That said, we could be looking at a possible contender for a future edition of Your Weekend Cheesy Movie with this one.
It is also possible Black may be attempting to make a cheesy Predator. That would not be unwelcome as the series as always had a little bit of cheese baked in. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised with this in the end.
The Predator opens on September 14th.

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