“He Smells Like Sex Tobacco.” — Let’s Talk About Wynonna Earp Season 3, Episode 8

by Erik Amaya


Well, that all happened.
Between aborted dinner dates, off-the-rails Big Day Dinners, and the return of Constance Clootie, Wynonna Earp offered up a basket filled with breadsticks, answers, and the biggest clue yet to the reality of the Ghost River Triangle.
But first, let’s talk about the episode’s MVP, Varun Saranga. Going from absolute nervousness in bring Robin (Justin Kelly) to giving Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) a metaphorical kick in the pants regarding Charlie (Sebastian Pigott), Saranga’s Jeremy stole the show — and that’s considering Dominique Provost-Chalkley’s great moment when Waverly realized the undead Constance has found her way to the homestead again. He also gave Doc (Tim Rozon) whatfor in regards to the whole vampirism thing. Which, y’know, he really should since it totally breaks the whole Doc mystique for him. In fact, the episode may have been a little light Jeremy considering the progress the character made this week. Then again, the episode accomplished a lot in 43 minutes.
As an example, I’m now convinced Robin is some sort of a Swamp Thing for the forest. A Forest Thing. Whether that was activated by Doc taking a bite out of him or if it was there all along remains to be seen. But thanks to his connection with the Green we know several things: he licked the potato first glimpsed in the Season 3 trailer all those months ago and the forest is not willing working for Bulshar (Jean Marchand). The latter probably means more of the story no matter how much the fanbase latched on to the potato moment.
Bulshar, meanwhile, stepped up his game by reanimating Constance so she could hunt down a missing piece of information: the tarot cards from the reading Kate (Chantal Riley) did for Bulshar when she first met Doc 100+ years ago. While it is surprising he didn’t think to do this earlier, Bulshar’s plan served the function it has for most of the season: giving the episode a throughline for its ongoing subplots. The Stone Witch’s search brought her to Shorty’s, Kate’s squat, and the homestead. Each location had interesting things going on as Charlie found himself assigned to distracting Doc while Wynonna grilled Kate and Bulshar’s ring made its way back into Nicole’s (Katherine Barrell) hand.
Curiously enough, the charisma of the performers made the teaming of Doc and Charlie and Wynonna and Kate really worthwhile. Doc found himself Charlie’s tutor in the supernatural weirdness of dating an Earp while Kate told her tragic origin story. The later was genuinely sad and by the end of the night, if definitely altered Wynonna’s impression of the Contessa. Charlie and Doc seemed chummy enough, but it’s clear the lovesick Doc will never cotton to Charlie’s feelings for Wynonna. A new triangle has come to the Ghost River area.
Which, it seems, is also part of Bulshar’s plan. As Wynonna learn from Kate’s reading of her, Bulshar is seeking out Paradise — as in the Biblical Eden. In fact, a lot of Bible stuff entered into show canon during the last few minutes, but the key thing to note here is the last card Kate pulled in Wynonna’s reading: The Lovers. While she says it is in reference to the Biblical Adam and Eve, it should be noted the card typically denotes an upcoming choice about a romantic situation. And perhaps more interestingly, if the card appears upside down, it denotes the breakdown of relationships. Since we didn’t actually see the reading, there’s no way to know what really occurred or what Kate actually said, but Wynonna’s interpretation is very strange.
Perhaps Bulshar is trying to start his own demon race inside Eden itself?
Which brings us back to the ring and its current bearer Waverly. She put the ring on and kicked Constance clear across the barn. But now it’s stuck on her and it has added an Arabic inscription which translates to “Paradise” on the underside. Hmmm…
Is she Bulshar’s bride now? She was promised to him last season, so maybe that is in play. And maybe that’s why the ring kept finding its way back to Nicole; the one person Waves would definitely accept a ring from.
And since we’re at the questions phase, let’s get to this week’s whopper: why did Peacemaker glow blue again? After all the problems Constance caused, it seems Peacemaker wanted to give her actual peace, just as it did for Willa and was willing to do for Rosita. Which makes one wonder if its the gun doing it or Wynonna. Granted, Waverly was holding Peacemaker when it glowed blue for Rosita, but the point still stands. When I asked showrunner Emily Andras about this effect at Comic-Con, she ran from the table, but later ran back to tell me answers on this topic are on the way.
Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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