Action, Thrills And Fun Are All To Be Had In The Terrifics #8

by Olly MacNamee

For a series that launched on the promise of adventures across the multiverse and more than a knowing wink of acknowledgement at their fantastic counterparts at Marvel, this issue delivers in spades. Not only does writer Jeff Lemire deliver on an issue packed to the roof with action, thrills and fun in equal measure – well, any book with Plastic Man will guarantee laughs, no matter how corny –  he has our travelling heroes split up, in classic comic book fashion, and seek out the lost members of Tom Strong’s family, taking the triad of couples into very different directions and dimensions. Shame the last page reveal is given away on the cover, though. Schoolboy error, but the only one this title makes in this issue.
Dale Eaglesham on art, is a master stroke for a series that is both contemporary but also hearkens back to a silver age of comics, where anything was possible, and usually was. Whether he is drawing the wacky cartoon world of Funnyland, or the gothic backwaters of Gotham City, Eaglesham brings an ageless classicism to each page with more than a snifter of Frank Frazette in each masterful stroke of the brush he delivers. I would watch Eagleham while his paints dry, he’s that good. And after a number of fill-in artists on a book launched on the quality of the art, it’s good to see that this is one book that seems to have finally settled down and I for one he that Eaglesham is around for a while longer. This book deserves the consistency that it hasn’t yet managed to sustains and I think that’s a recipe for disaster sooner rather than later.
But putting the inconsistencies in art style aside, the stories Lemire has so far written have been great all-ages romps and even has time for Mr Terrific to ponder upon his current situation, and the bond that has seemingly broken between the four multiverse explorers. As Friends taught a whole generation, family more than just shared blood, marriage and DNA. Something Tom Strong also has Terrific considering. Well, if he had the chance to consider this point that is. In the world of The Terrifics, danger is never far away, and this issue ain’t no exception. Three different dimensions equates to three different cliff-hangers. Plenty to keep us on the edge of our seats and eagerly awaiting the next issue.
If you’re not reading this book, you really should. Its one of the most under-the-radar books out there and worth picking up.
The Terrifics #8 is out now from DC Comics.

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