Riverdale Returns To Comics This March

by James Ferguson

Riverdale has become my favorite guilty pleasure TV show and I cannot get enough of it. That’s why I’m so happy that Archie Comics is bringing back the companion comic book series this March with all new stories tying into the current season of the show.

The new Riverdale comic is written by Micol Ostow, who also wrote the prequel novel, Riverdale: The Day Before, coming next month from Scholastic. It will feature artwork from Thomas Pitilli, who drew the previous volume of the series, along with Joe Eisma, who has become an Archie Comics veteran.
Writer Micol Ostow says:

As a diehard Archie fan in my childhood, I never imagined one day I’d be writing my own adventures for the gang. The phenomenon of Riverdale has been such a thrilling extension of the universe, and I can’t wait to explore new storylines with all my old favorites, along with the superstar Archie team!

Look for the first issue of Riverdale Season 3 at your local comic shop on March 13th, 2019.

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