Saint Seiya Spin-Off ‘Saint Seiya: Santia Sho’ Receives A New Trailer

by Sage Ashford

The long-running shonen anime receives a new entry in its universe in the form of Saint Seiya: Santia Shou, which will receive an early premiere December 10th on Animax and Amazon Prime Video, before starting its run December 24th. Set after the original “Sanctuary” storyline, this series sees a new group of Saints don the Bronze Cloths and unite to protect the goddess Athena. Led by a young girl name Shoko, these Saintia battle against Eris, the Goddess of Discord and her dryads and ghost forces, made up of evil spirits and dead Saints revived to serve her.
This series is an adaptation of the manga by Chimaki Kuori, which has been in publication since 2011, and was licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment earlier this year for an English release.

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