CyGames Reveals Arc System Works’ Developed Granblue Fantasy Versus For PS4

by Sage Ashford

When a company makes as much money as CyGames, they have to do something with it. And considering they could have just as easily stayed in their wheelhouse and kept churning out cell phone games, it’s quite surprising they’ve instead chosen to be so bold. Like this weekend at the company’s Granblue Festival, the publisher announced they would be working alongside Arc System Works, the developer known for BlazBlue and Dragon Ball FighterZ, to publish a fighting game based on the smartphone RPG.

Known as Granblue Fantasy Versus, the game already seems quite far along in development, as the trailer shows off several different playable characters, including series main characters Gran and Katalina, fighting across multiple iconic stages from the smartphone title. The trailer shows off five playable characters, but the way gacha titles work, there’s no way we’ll see any shortage of available fighters. Though there’s no confirmation this game will get localized for Western audiences, the fact that there’s already an English webpage up is a very good sign.
Currently, this game doesn’t have a specific release date, but it seems to be targeting 2019, for PS4. Considering how far along the title seems to be, and the incredible speed Arc System Works’ moves at, it’s doubtful the date will shift all that much if at all.

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