Disney+’s Kevin Mayer Says Revival Of Canceled Marvel Shows Is A “Possibility”

by Erik Amaya

The saga of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist‘s future continues.

Despite earlier reports that Marvel Entertainment’s contract with Netflix will keep the cancelled Marvel series off Disney outlets for at least two years, there may yet be hope for those wishing to see one or all of the series continue. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Mayer,
Chairman of Disney’s Direct-to-Consumer and International Division, spoke of the shows in a positive light. “They are very high-quality shows,” he said. “We haven’t yet discussed [reviving them], but I would say that’s a possibility.”

Part of Mayer’s duties include steering its online platforms like Disney+ and Hulu. The former will debut in late 2019 as the exclusive streaming home of Marvel Studios films and new series like The Mandalorian, while the established Hulu service will continue to carry content from the networks and its own slate of original content.

Some of that original content may include a show like Daredevil. Reportedly, Disney+ will have more of an all-ages content mandate so Star Wars films, classic Disney animated films and other productions can all sit side-by-side. 
But the more graphic elements of the Marvel series may not sit well with the planned tone of the new streaming service. Hulu, with a broader tone and aspirations as an international streaming service, may prove to be the better fit.

But one key roadblock may make Mayer’s “possibility” dimmer: an alleged clause in Marvel’s contract with Netflix stating the shows and characters must remain unusable for two-years after the debut of their last Netflix season. Additionally, the produced seasons of the Netflix shows will remain on the service for many years to come, leading some industry analysts to suggest Disney will not be interested in directing traffic back to Netflix so viewers can watch earlier episodes.

Then again, Mayer was part of the team behind Disney’s purchase of the 20th Century Fox assets, so he may have a game plan for making the shows available to one of their streaming services.

Of course, there is still the division between Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment. The latter produces television shows while the Studio produces the films and the upcoming limited series for Disney+. The two entities do not necessarily get along and it assumed and Marvel television shows on Disney+ will be the purview of Marvel Studios; effectively icing out Marvel Entertainment on that platform.

As it turns out, the struggle to bring the Defenders to a post-Netflix world may be more difficult than the crisis they fought in their single season as a team. But these characters never stay down, so even if they ignore the current storylines or recast, they will return eventually.

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