Archie Comics Goes To Riverdale For Free Comic Book Day 2019

by James Ferguson

There are usually two camps for Free Comic Book Day offerings. On one side of the spectrum are reprints of old or popular issues. On the other side is a launching point for a big event or new series. Archie Comics is firmly in the latter with their 2019 issue, a special one-shot leading into the Riverdale: Season 3 comic.

Written by Micol Ostow and illustrated by Thomas Pitelli, this comic will also feature a special preview of the upcoming prequel novel, Riverdale: The Day Before, which goes on sale this month. The comic takes place on picture day at Riverdale High as the student council opens the polls for class superlatives. As everyone is getting ready for their closeups, the ballot box goes missing and everyone’s a suspect.

Archie Comics Co-President Alex Segura says:

We’re extremely excited to have Micol on board as the writer for the new Riverdale series, so it made perfect sense to give fans an exclusive, original story to stoke the flames of what’s to come. Micol’s no stranger to Riverdale, having penned the upcoming Riverdale novels for Scholastic, and she’s working closely with the show’s writers’ room to make sure the comic and show are not only in sync, but complementing each other in a meaningful way. So, if you’re looking to consume more tales from the world of the show, we’ve got the perfect book for you.

Look for the FCBD Riverdale: Season 3 special at your local participating comic shop on Free Comic Book Day on May 4th, 2019.

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