Doctor Who Resolution Teaser Features One Important Word

by Erik Amaya

BBC America has released a brief teaser for next week’s Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special, “Resolution.” It features a word even people only faintly familiar with the series will recognize as important: “exterminate.”

The term, seemingly intoned by recurring series guest Nicholas Briggs, is the most important in the vocabulary of the Doctor’s (Jodie Whittaker) key nemesis, the Daleks. This would confirm our suspicions from the first teaser that the “most dangerous creature” referred to in the initial “Resolution” trailer would be the oldest enemy of the wandering Time Lord.
Earlier this year, new showrunner Chris Chibnall made a big deal about the new Doctor avoiding all of her well-known nemeses throughout Season 11. But since the special is technically outside the season, bringing the Daleks in means he was telling the truth. It does remain to be seen how the Daleks will appear however. No matter what, Whittaker’s Doctor has earned her right to tangle with the infamous baddies.
“Resolution” will mark the only appearance of Doctor Who in 2019 as Season 12 is expected in “early 2020.” We’re hoping that loose release pattern includes a New Year’s Day special as well.
Doctor Who‘s New Year’s Day special, “Resolution,” airs Tuesday on BBC America

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