Tony Stark: Iron Man #7 Is Full Of Real World Tech Terrors

by Tony Thornley

If Iron Man’s latest volume has been about the utopian and dystopian applications of Stark Tech in the Marvel Universe, Tony Stark Iron Man #7 gives us a very different, but related parable.

Brought to us again by Dan Slott, Jeremy Whitley, Valero Schitti, Edgar Delgado and Joe Caramagna, this story shows us human stakes to this sci-fi story, as well as drawing it into some very real near-future concerns.

Tony breaks free of the eScape after the Controller’s takeover last issue. However, not everyone is so lucky, as his mother Amanda is still trapped there. When they trace the Controller to a Baintronics facility in New Jersey, they’re horrified to discover that the facility is 3D printing weapons to send to all the eScape users to make their fantasies a reality. This issue maintains the sharp character work and science fiction wizardry of the past few issues. It’s punchy, exciting, and funny. However, the concept of 3D printed weapons being shipped out to VR addicts via drone doesn’t sound completely ridiculous, but is absolutely plausible and frightening. It struck me how smart the concept was, and how very real a threat it could be.

This issue, Schitti displays his strength in conveying human emotion. We get to see a passionate and angry Stark, a concerned Andy Bhang, and even a confused avatar of Amanda. These depictions aren’t just in their faces though, as the artist plays with body language, motion and even page composition to make these emotions clear, and make sure the moment lands.

This series continues to be an excellent take on Iron Man and his world, and the real world twists being drawn into it make it even better.

Tony Stark Iron Man #7 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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