Down And Out In Paris: Preview Detective Comics #996

by Olly MacNamee

I’m thoroughly enjoying the return of Peter J Tomasi and Doug Mahnke’s on Detective Comics and it looks, from the preview of this week’s Detective Comics #996, like I’m going to continue to enjoy it as they help Batman countdown to the mile-stone Detective Comics #1000 in just a couple of months. But, before he gets there, he has to find out who’s been bumping off his ex-trainers and teachers. With a little help from his family, of course. For such a loner, he certainly seems to have more family than Superman, doesn’t he.

In the catacombs under Paris, Henri Ducard is not going to sit and wait for the death that’s coming for everyone who helped to train Batman…he’s going to wrestle it to the ground and put a bullet between its eyes! Good plan—but what if it just gets right back up? Can even Batman save him then?

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