Ubisoft Reveals A Glimpse Of Story For The Division 2

by Sage Ashford

Ubisoft’s follow-up to their popular co-op loot shooter The Division is only a few months away, and in the ramp up to its release, Ubisoft has released a story trailer for the title. Set seven months after the original game, Division 2 will leave the snow-covered ruins of New York, bringing players to Washington D.C. and forcing them to help quell a civil war in the city. Players will battle against a number of factions during the story, including what seems like an actual counter Division group.
The Division 2 is also scheduled to get a private beta for players who pre-ordered, which is meant to be playable from February 7th through the 10th. For those who aren’t interested in pre-ordering, there’s also a chance to get a beta code by registering here. We’re not yet sure what parts of the game this will allow access to, though it’s likely a safe bet it’ll be like the The Division 1 beta where players got to try out the beginning of the game. Whatever it is, considering the game is meant to take place in a 1:1 reconstruction of Washington D.C., it’s doubtful players will even get through a small slice of what’s available in the few days the beta will be public.
The Division 2 launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 15th, 2019.

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