It’s The End Of The World As We Know It In Exorsisters #4

by Tony Thornley

In the last few issues of Exorsisters, we’ve been learning more about the world around Cate and Kate Harrow, and the sisters’ history. Then last issue threw in a huge twist that changed everything. Now we see the consequences of that.

Ian Boothby, Giselle Lagace, Pete Pantazis, and Taylor Esposito dive deep into the scary happenings. The apocalypse hasn’t been funnier.

The girls are trying to find the angels that crash-landed to Earth at the end of last issue. Instead, they find a young man who sold his soul to a demon. They quickly learn there’s a lot more to that “demon” than they might think, and the reason why it’s on Earth is horrifying.

This issue is a bit more serious and the situation is quite a bit more dire. However, that doesn’t mean that the humor is gone, it just takes a back seat until timing is just right. The issue also follows the now-familiar structure of the series to date–cold open, main case, stinger–which makes Boothby’s cliffhanger so effective.

Lagace and Pantazis’ work keeps the story light, but is also able to turn on a dime to scary. Lagace’s line work is so effective is selling the weird around the sisters, and is able to do a lot to build dread up to the final page. Meanwhile Pantazis shifts his palette gradually through the story, until the final reveal. It’s effective work by both artists that really comes together in the full package.

I look forward to this series every month. It’s a breath of fresh air in what I normally read, and this issue is no exception.

Exorsisters #4 is available now from Image Comics.

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