How To Win Your Very Own Comic Book Store

by Josh Davison

What if Willy Wonka was in the comic book biz?
Well, he might still use slave labor in the form of small, singing men, but, thankfully, the subject of today’s story isn’t that kind of businessman. Also, it’s an application without any form of luck-of-the-draw instead of random tickets to a factory tour, but you get the general premise I hope.
No, the person behind today’s exciting tale from the comic industry goes by Carmelo Chimera, owner of Chimera’s Comics, a chain of comic stores in Illinois. He has launched a contest to give away the Oak Lawn store, which will run through February 28th (or when Carmelo gets 2,000 applicants).
The contest is simple. You must answer one question: What makes a comic store great?

Interior Photo courtesy of Carmelo Chimera
Interior Photo courtesy of Carmelo Chimera

It’s not a raffle, and the winner will not be chosen by chance. Carmelo takes comics seriously, and he will personally choose whose answer is the best.
The contest opened up in February (I’m a little late in reporting this). Carmelo is passionate about keeping a comic store open in Oak Lawn, but he isn’t able to give attention he believes the store deserves. Carmelo is also an attorney, and Chimera’s Comics has recently opened a comic book publishing operation. Between those things and the La Grange location, he feels that the Oak Lawn store needs a new owner with fewer outside responsibilities.
If someone is chosen as the winner, they will win the store in full; this includes the inventory of the store and all equipment therein, including the customer records so the winner can maintain the pull lists.
Interior Photo courtesy of Carmelo Chimera
Interior Photo courtesy of Carmelo Chimera

I won’t lie, I initially found this to be a strange venture, but, upon looking further into it, I found the passion and dedication to comics within it. It’s an act of love on Carmelo’s part, and it shows a love of the town of Oak Lawn in wanting it to still have a comic book store, even if Carmelo isn’t the one running it.
As previously stated, the contest runs through February 28th OR until 2,000 people apply. There is an application fee, and your answer to “What makes a comic book store great” must be 500 words.
Here’s a link to the contest page, a link to the application page, and a link to Chimera’s Comics home page.
If you’d like to own your own comic book store in Oak Lawn, Illinois for very little money, here’s your chance.

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