The Verge Presents Better Worlds – Animated SciFi Shorts

by Tito W. James

Contemporary science fiction stories tend to paint the future as a bleak uninhabitable apocalypse. Creators at The Verge seek to represent a more optimistic vision of the future in hopes that we can create one. In a project called Better Worlds a diverse array of science fiction authors will create original short stories where technology has improved society.

You can keep up to date with more video and audio stories on The Verge’s Better Worlds website.

A daring plan to build an open-source rocket could help more people escape Earth.

An overbearing CEO demands that his employees engineer a solution to his dad’s aging dog.

A young woman must choose between her secure enclave and the one she loves.

A spacecraft carrying precious cargo embarks on a lifetime journey to a better world.

A father undertakes a dangerous mission to save his captured son.

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