Deadly Class, Episode 10 Review: “Sink With California”

by Rachel Bellwoar

“Sink with California” begins where “Kids of the Black Hole” left off, with Master Lin running away from El Diablo and the Vegas crew about to raid F*ckface’s lair.

Taylor Hickson and Liam James (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Last week Madame Gao expressed interest in keeping Nahia safe, but the wording’s just a misdirect. It’s always been about sending Nahia to the Guild, and while the Guild is better than death (Gao could’ve sent her to El Diablo), it’s not great, especially given Lin’s condition (he’s not going to be staging a breakout anytime soon). This would’ve been a good time for Jurgen to reappear, but while more than a few people die in the onslaught, Lin manages to save Nahia’s life, not her future.

The raiding party, meanwhile, gets divided into trios. There’s the threesome group (Billy, Lex, and Petra) who work together to stay alive and then there’s the angry, love triangle group who are ready to kill each other and beat F*ckface’s family to the punch.

Benjamin Wadsworth and Lana Condor (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Besides his cause of death mirroring Ramsay’s on Game of Thrones, F*ckface’s confrontation with Marcus reminds me of the Jessica Jones episode, “AKA WWJD?” when Jessica pulls one over on Kilgrave. There are a lot of differences, too, but I’m not always a fan of the second chance take backs, even when they’re justified. F*ckface believes Marcus when he says they could be friends and King’s Dominion really is a place he could belong. At King’s they hire people like F*ckface as faculty. F*ckface is why Marcus got accepted – he accuses Marcus of taking his spot and that’s precisely what happened. It’s twisted logic but so is a school for assassins and that’s what Marcus has to face up to – yes, King’s gave him a home and a family (though the latter’s falling apart at the end) but that doesn’t change the fact that King’s is bad news. Even Master Lin would agree.

Thoughts and questions going into season 2 (if there’s a season 2):

Benedict Wong (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)
  • Will Gao take over King’s next year? Even if he could keep his position, would Lin want it, with Nahia gone, and until his feud with El Diablo is over (assumedly with one of them dead) can there be time for anything else?
  • If Shabnab “[knew] where they went” (they being Marcus and the others) (and for all appearances he did know because that’s how El Diablo found them), why didn’t he intervene to save his parents and, more than that, why did he stand by while F*ckface held them captive all this time?
  • Was any of what Marcus said to Chester true, meaning has he moved away from his plan to kill Reagan?
  • All season Deadly Class has been drawing a correlation between Maria and mirrors. It’s where we saw her slip her passport into her pocket and it’s how we saw what Marcus walked away from last week (her crying and holding a bottle of booze). Now the mirror cracks the same night Maria decides to cut ties and give into cynicism.
  • Saya’s fighting always gets revered but Marcus does better with a Negan bat than she does with a katana, and against more people (his improv skills pulling ahead of her technical skills).

Deadly Class aired Wednesdays at 10 PM EST on the Syfy Channel.

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