Exclusive Preview: The Only Ones Left Alive In Lightstep #5!

by Hannah Means Shannon

The final issue of Lightstep hits shops next Wednesday, April 3rd, from Dark Horse, and we have an exclusive preview for you today of the lavish sci-fi saga.

Written by Ivan Brankovic, with art and cover art by Milos Slavkovic, the series has followed in the footsteps of an unlikely protagonist who escapes her privileged homeworld and takes us into a wider conspiracy.
In issue #5:

An assassin is out for Jazzman’s blood-seeking revenge for a promise broken years ago. Or was it just yesterday? Relativity encounters immortality and friends who have become old enemies are reunited in a quest for a secret that may save the galaxy . . . hidden in a radio play from the 1930s!

Mysteries will be revealed, and a galaxy-saving quest set in motion!
Check out our exclusive preview of issue #5 below!

Lightstep #5 releases from Dark Horse Comics on April 3rd!

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