WonderCon 2019: Stargirl First Look And Scary Swamp Thing Topline DC Universe Preview

by Erik Amaya


DC Universe, the online streaming platform dedicated to all things DC Entertainment, wowed fans at WonderCon on Friday with a preview of some upcoming programing and the first look at Brec Basinger as Stargirl.

The series is currently in production and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee announced the show will be delayed slightly to 2020. Originally, it was set to debut late this year. The switch also meant a number of other changes to their schedule. Swamp Thing will debut on May 31st with the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders starting on July 2nd. Additionally, the second season of Titans will return to its fall post while Harley Quinn rounds out the year.

On the comics side, Lee announced the service will soon offer 20,000 comics to subscribers. “We can show more of the connections between the comics and the media they inspire,” he said.

And speaking of inspiration, Swamp Thing executive producer Mark Verheiden told fans his take on Swamp Thing is inspired by Alan Moore’s run on the comic book with artists Steve Bissette and John Totleben. It also derives some inspiration from the Swamp Thing envisioned by creators Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson. “We’re trying to be true to the southern horror they created,” he said. “It’s also a romance between Abby Arcane and Swamp Thing.”

He also made fans happy with this pronouncement: “The overall vibe is that we want to scary the hell out of you.”

Scares were in big supply during a brief teaser for the show, which offers just a few glimpses of Abby (Crystal Reed), the swamps and Swamp Thing (Derek Mears) himself. Although, the creature was generally obscured from view.

While Verheiden declined to offer a clearer look at Swamp Thing, he praised Mears for taking on the role. “He is a wonderful actor and we wanted someone who was comfortable working under a suit and makeup. But besides that, he brings the pathos and the sadness and the scary that Swamp Thing is,” he said. “We were lucky to get him. He’s also 6’6’’ — he’s an impressive creature on his own. It’s a difficult role and he’s been doing a great job.”

But much like the first photo of Stargirl, we can expect a clearer look at Swamp Thing in the weeks to come.

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