Henry Gayden To Write Shazam! Sequel

by Erik Amaya


Warner Bros. Pictures finally has some confidence in its DC Entertainment films.
Deadline reports Shazam! screenwriter Henry Gayden will return to write the sequel. Based on characters created by C.C. Beck and Bill Parker, one would assume the new film will focus on the character teased during its mid-credit stinger and not the Black Adam character slated for his own film starring Dwayne Johnson.
While some may find the film’s box office success surprising — Shazam has spent the last few decades in the shadow of Superman — it is important to note the original character surpassed the Man of Steel’s popularity in the comics market of the 1940s. So staggering was this success, that DC Comics, known as National Periodicals at the time, sued Fawcett Comics over certain design similarities between the characters. The litigation went on forever and Fawcett eventually agreed to cease publishing comics centered on the character and his marvelous family. A decade or so later, DC would license the characters and eventually buy them outright; incorporating Billy, Freddy, the Wizard, Black Adam and all the other heroes and villains into their own mythology.
The film honors a lot of the original comics core sensibility while using the more recent New 52 revisions as its starting point. The result is a charming film which replicates a lot of the spirit of Shazam through the years, even if its more fantastical elements are downplayed. The result is a competent film which captured audiences and worked at the box office to the tune of $160 million.
Hopefully, Warner can keep the momentum up as Billy and his family get ready to tackle a mindful opponent.
Shazam! 2 is not yet scheduled for release.

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