Supergirl #29 Launches Her Quest Forward

by Tony Thornley

Since the relaunch of Supergirl nearly a year ago, the Girl of Steel has been a quest to discover the conspiracy that might have destroyed Krypton. In Supergirl #29, she may have just gotten all the answers she seeks, and she may not like them.

Cover by Yannick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn

Marc Andreyko, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, FCO Plascencia, and Tom Napolitano launch this last arc before Supergirl is drawn back to Earth for the final confrontation with the Circle and Rogol Zaar.

(*Minor spoilers below!)

A moment of tranquility is interrupted when Krypto brings Kara and Z’ndr three pieces of a holographic journal. They learn that the Circle recruited Zaar to keep hostile worlds in line, while Z’ndr’s adoptive mother, the Empress of 14 Suns, turned him into a planet-destroying weapon. Before they launch back into space with this new information though, the fight may come to them!

Andreyko had a tough task this issue with an exposition heavy story. However, he focuses on the emotional stakes of the revelations of the journal, with both Kara and Z’ndr facing new shocks. He then gives us some excitement afterwards to drive home the stakes for our heroine. It all clicks extremely well.

Pansica and Ferreira’s line art is evocative and expressive. They use very few rigid layouts, allowing the story to flow organically across the pages with broken panels and engaging composition. It creates a cinematic feel to the story, which makes the stakes feel higher but more personal.

Things are coming to a head for the entire House of El, and I’m excited to see Supergirl and Superman’s stories collide in the next few issues.

Supergirl #29 is available now from DC Comics.

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