Alfred Defends The Realm In Pennyworth Trailer

by Erik Amaya


Epix’s upcoming Pennyworth finally has a release date: July 28th. And to celebrate, DC unleashed a new trailer for the series. Jack Bannon stars as Alfred Pennyworth, a former military man trying his hand at independent security contracting. More plainly: he’s a bouncer of limited success until a chance encounter with Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge). That meeting sets him on a new, surprising journey which includes several brushes with death and, quite possibly, a meeting with the Queen.

Having seen a few episodes, I can say it’s madder, funnier, and more surprising than any of the previews have let on. Bannon is a great lead and [redacted] steals every scene. Also, [super-spoilerly thing redacted]. Like Gotham, it takes place in a bigger, weirder, and not entirely historical world. Just imagine that show’s mania applied to the swinging ’60s and you’ll begin to get a picture of this show; which may turn out to be the surprise hit of the summer.

Pennyworth debuts July 28th on Epix.

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