John Rambo Readies To Become Death In Rambo: Last Blood Teaser

by Erik Amaya

Sylvester Stallone cannot stay away from his famous characters, but we’ll take him at his word that Rambo: Last Blood is the final time he will play human death machine John Rambo. And as the following trailer indicates, the man is trying to get away from death — just as he did in the time between Rambo III and 2008’s Rambo — but it will always find him. This time, Rambo makes his way south of the border to face Mexican cartels and one last quest for vengeance. Will it end him or will he be able to retire to the family horse ranch?

And we’ll be honest, we don’t really take these First Blood sequels seriously. Even Rambo, for its shocking violence, is pretty silly. But if you’ve ever read Your Weekend Cheesy Movie here at Comicon, you know the silliness of Stallone’s films is part of his enduring charm. Hopefully, Rambo: Last Blood will continue that tradition and avoid the quality of the Creed pictures or the mediocrity of The Expendables sequels and other direct-to-video features Stallone makes when he’s not playing Rocky or Rambo.
Rambo: Last Blood opens on September 20th.

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