It All Comes To A Head In Head Lopper #12

by Tito W. James

This year the Head Lopper has been navigating the world of dark magic and political intrigue within the city of Venoria. Has Norgal finally completed his quest or has this sword and sorcery story lost the magic?


There are numerous plot threads at play that make this issue a bit confusing for newcomers. If you’ve been following Head Lopper from the beginning issue 12 will answer some but not all questions.


The Knights of Venora has been a plot focused arc and the action has been saved up for the final battle. This totally pays off with the invasion of goblins and Norgal fighting two snake-wizards.

Andrew MacLean’s artistic influences of Miyazaki, Moebius, and Akira are present but not overpowering. The design of all the monsters and fight choreography are fun as hell. This issue feels like the guitar solo from a heavy metal song.


Head Lopper issue 12 offers a solid conclusion to the Knights of Venora story arc. However, there’s much more story to follow with even larger forces at play. Considering how each Head Lopper arc has been unique from the last readers had better expect the unexpected.

You can pick up the latest issue of Head Lopper at your local comic shop.

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