Pokemon Sword And Shield Features Game-Specific Gym Trainers

by Sage Ashford

The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield featuring a variety of new information.  The Galar region appears to be full of tons of new activities for trainers to get lost in, but chief among those appears to be the tournament battles for the Galar Region’s Pokemon League.  The previous Pokemon Direct had already informed us the tournament battles were a major source of entertainment in Galar, but this trailer goes into further detail.

To begin with, there’s the special phenomenon known as Gigantamaxing.  This is a step past Dynamaxing, and sees Pokemon take on slightly altered appearances and gain special moves known as G-Max Moves.  Gigantamaxing is available to only a rare selection of Pokemon already capable of Dynamaxing, which in itself is an ability granted to only a selection of Pokemon in the game.  This trailer shows Gigantamaxed Drednaw and Corviknight in the tournament arenas, meaning this will likely be a technique players will have to master to complete all of the Pokemon League tournaments.

The trailer also introduced us to a handful of new characters: Chairman Rose, head of the Galar Pokemon League, and Oleana, Chairman Rose’s secretary.  They run the operations of this continuously growing League, which includes two Pokemon Gym Trainers which happen to each belong to a specific version of the game.  First there’s Allister, a young man who specializes in Ghost-type Pokemon, who supposedly spends most of his time haunting cemeteries or ruins.  Then there’s Bea, an expert in Fighting-type Pokemon and a specialist in Galar Karate.   Allister is exclusive to Pokemon Shield, while Bea is exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

They showed off a handful of new Pokemon which are exclusive to the Galar region. First, there’s Alcremie, a Fairy Type Pokemon that relies on sweet-scented creme to blind or distract opponents, but is most often a partner of pastry chefs as it’s whipped cream is especially delicious.  Alcremie can Gigantamax into a giant cake that can fire cream missiles capable of sending Pokemon into confusion, and it’s G-Max move heals all Pokemon it’s trainer has while dealing damage to Alcremie’s opponent.

Next, there’s Yamper–an electric corgi Pokemon that was first revealed during E3.  Yamper’s special ability is Ball Fetch, which allows him to grab any failed Poke Ball if it isn’t already holding an item.

Finally, there’s Rolycoly, a Pokemon made of coal.  Rolycoly is usually found in coal mines and caves, and it’s ability is Steam Engine, which offers a speed boost if a Pokemon uses a Fire or Water-type move against it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield releases November 15th for the Nintendo Switch.

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