A Sci-Fi Blockbuster For The Ages Begins In Triage #1 First Look

by James Ferguson

This September sees the debut of Phillip Sevy’s first creator-owned comic as writer, artist, and colorist with Triage, published by Dark Horse Comics. The series follows a struggling nurse, an airborne superhero, and a post-apocalyptic survivor who must figure out a way to work together as a ruthless machine hunts them down, threatening the very fabric of space and time. Check out an early preview of the first issue below.

Sevy says:

Evie Pierce, a nurse going through an identity crisis, finds herself with Orbit, a sassy superhero, and Marco, a hardened post-apocalyptic commander, in a quest to survive. They have been targeted by Hunter—a killer bent on destroying them. If they die, all existence ceases to be. They have to band together to stay alive, discover what they mean to each other, why they’re important, and how to stop the Hunter and save the universe.

Triage is lettered by Frank Cvetkovic. The first issue features a main cover by Sevy and a variant cover by Hannah Templer.

Sevy adds:

I’m exploring the loss of self and a loss of identity, and how we compare ourselves to those around us. Evie’s presented with other versions of herself who are everything she thinks she wants to be—confident, powerful, funny, intelligent, etc. Triage is about how we define ourselves in the loud blaring noise of the social media age, when everything and everyone around us seems so much better than we are.

Triage #1 is set for release on September 4th, 2019. It is currently available for pre-order.

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