Meeting Lei Ling’s Mistress In Aero #2

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

A monster looms in the sky over Shanghai. Aero wants to bring it down, but doing so would still do incalculable damage to the city. So Aero decides to find the person behind the monster: her old mistress, Madame Huang. Huang summons more monsters to fight Aero, and Lei Ling reminisces about her old life while confronting the person who trained her.

In the backup story, Red Feather of Triumph Division has tracked down Aero and Wave. He wants Wave’s weapons back, but Pearl won’t give them. Pearl is Lei Ling’s friend, so that means Aero will back whatever play Wave makes.

Aero #2 cover by Keng
Aero #2 cover by Keng

Aero #2 continues the maiden story for this new hero’s solo series. It tells us more about how Lei Ling became the hero she is now, and it shows us more of her private life from not so long ago.

Lei Ling is a very stoic character, and we get most of her personality from her thought captions as opposed to any overt emotional expression. She’s an interesting lead, and Zhou Liefen does a good job of making her a cohesive and engaging superhero.

We also get a glimpse of how immensely powerful Aero truly is, and I look forward to seeing that unleashed on the evil that threatens her city in the issues to come.

Despite its abbreviation of the lead story, the backup tale with Aero and Wave shows us more about Lei Ling. She is loyal but clear-headed. She’ll help her friends, but she won’t help them make self-destructive decisions if she can steer them otherwise.

Aero #2 art by Keng and letterer VC's Joe Caramagna
Aero #2 art by Keng and letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Keng brings a distinctive manga-inspired aesthetic to the lead story of Aero #2. It draws upon the cultural inspiration for Lei Ling while still being a distinctive style all its own, and Keng’s color work is vibrant and explosive to boot. Pop Mhan brings a more western comic style to the backup narrative, and it looks damn good too. Federico Blee contributes excellent color art to this story; Mhan and Blee make for spectacular art team.

Aero #2 is another exciting and grabbing issue for this fledgling Marvel hero. Lei Ling is an interesting and unique lead in the Marvel canon, and I look forward to seeing how she grows and develops over time. I’d also like to see her encounter some of the Marvel Universe staples somewhere down the line. In any case, this comic gets a recommendation. Check it out.

Aero #2 comes to us from writers Zhou Liefen and Greg Pak, artists Keng and Pop Mhan, color artists Keng and Federeico Blee, letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna, cover artist Keng, and variant cover artist Coax.

Final Score: 8/10

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