Scout Comics’ Solar Flare In Development For TV

by James Ferguson

Solar Flare, the longest running comic series from Scout Comics is now in development as a live-action TV series with John Baldecchi’s Digital Riot Media. The comic from creator / writer James Haick III and artist Branco Jovanovic, follows Jake Clifford and his friends as they travel from Florida to Tennessee after the a large solar flare hits the planet, wiping out almost all modern technology. Jake hopes to reunite with his young daughter Mazzy, but quickly realizes he and his friends are integral in helping to restart the world. As if this wasn’t enough trouble, a militant group called the New Americans are searching for the top secret information that Jake possesses so they’re tracking him down.

Creator James Haick III says:

Knowing just how driven and passionate the team at Digital Riot Media is about putting out exciting and entertaining stories that the fans love, it makes me incredibly excited to have them leading the charge in developing Solar Flare for television.

These projects take some time so no word yet on when we might see Solar Flare pop up on your TV, let alone what network or streaming service.

Scout Comics CEO Brendan Deneen adds:

James has created a very exciting and emotional series that the Scout team loves presenting to our fans issue after issue. We look forward to working with Digital Riot Media to develop Solar Flare for the small screen.

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