Fear The Power Of Warbunny In Go Go Power Rangers #22

by James Ferguson

Tommy’s powers have gone dormant so he’s left the team, leaving the remaining Power Rangers to fend off a new monster from Lord Zedd. They’re a man down though as Jason is incapacitated by an emissary of the Morphin Masters. It seems that the fight with Lord Drakkon has left some cracks in the Grid, causing ripple effects around the world.

I was confused by the timing of Go Go Power Rangers #22 at first, but quickly figured things out. This series was set in the early days of the team’s formation. With “Necessary Evil” it’s jumping to where “Shattered Grid” left Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, shifting the other book up in the timeline. This series picked up those threads without missing a beat thanks to writers Ryan Parrott & Sina Grace.
Go Go Power Rangers always makes time for each individual character, continuing their separate development while also moving along the overall narrative. It’s an impressive juggling act that the writers handle well. Each of these elements works together to give you a different perspective on what’s coming and a better understanding of how they react to these events.

Billy has a real stand out scene in Go Go Power Rangers #22 as he’s feverishly studying Tommy’s Green Ranger coin, looking for a way to reactivate it. He’s filled with fear because if Tommy could lose his powers, what’s stopping him from losing his own? Billy’s life was changed forever when he became a Power Ranger. He has a confidence and a purpose that was previously unknown to him and he’s willing to do anything to protect that.
I could read about the interpersonal conflicts and teenage drama of the team in their civilian identities forever. That would be enough for me with this caliber of storytelling. We get the added bonus of some Power Ranger action. In this case, Zedd transforms a pet rabbit named Mr. Loppsy into the fierce monster known as Warbunny.

Artist Francesco Mortarino fills this battle with action and excitement. I might have criticized the TV show back in the day for how much time it spent showing the morphing sequences, but I have to say, it’s so awesome to see it in comics. Mortarino frames it in a powerful and concise way to the point where you can practically hear the familiar rocking soundtrack booming in the background. Letterer Ed Dukeshire adds to this with some big, bold word balloons as each Ranger shouts out their power.
Warbunny looks intimidating and a little ridiculous. He is a rabbit, after all. That doesn’t mean he can’t bring the pain. There’s some nice fight choreography on display here, aided by Raul Angulo’s vibrant colors that bring this whole scene to life. This is a battle held in the middle of the day, so there’s nothing hiding in the shadows. The Power Rangers thrive in this kind of environment, fighting for what’s right against impossible odds in their flashy, technicolor costumes.

We’re a couple chapters into “Necessary Evil” and it’s proving to be a bit of a slow burn. There’s some adjustment to be made with the new status quo of this series, so we’re getting a mix of the next big event along with the everyday adventures and big crazy monsters the team deals with on a regular basis. What continues to fuel Go Go Power Rangers is the top notch character development that provides new insights into characters we’ve known for 25 years.
Go Go Power Rangers #22 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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