Wynonna Earp’s Emily Andras Sets Up Second Syfy Show

by Erik Amaya

Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras plans to take some comic conventions goers into the heart of their favorite show.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andras and Syfy are setting up a deal to bring Axeholes to the network. Devised by Andras, the show will center on “a mismatched bunch of comic convention attendees who inadvertently get transported into the real-life world of their favorite fantasy TV series, Blue Bar’Bara.” The group of misfits must “learn to navigate a dangerous land of profanity-spewing battle axes, sociopathic fairies, disturbingly sensual dragons and a chainmail-bikini-wearing shield maiden as they struggle to find a way back home.”
That sounds inspired.
The series is currently in development with Syfy looking to find a production partner. Should it come together, Andras will act as an executive producer and showrunner.
Wynonna Earp, meanwhile, is set to go back into production on its fourth season soon. The series was delayed due to a financial shortfall with its production company. After securing more money, it’s back on track for a 2020 debut. Of course, it is unclear if the series will return for a fifth season the cable channel seemingly ordered at the same time as the fourth. But Wynonna is always filled with cliffhangers, its continued existence will always be jeopardy.

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