The Downfall Of A City In Gogor #4

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Armano and his band have arrived in Animalea. They visit an animal village, and Armano takes in the sights, sounds, and smells of the village. The animal men are great artisans, and their culture is quite something to behold. However, the great city of Animalea is Azimuth, and this village lies at the walls of the city. Rector has spent a lot of time in Animalea, and he doesn’t remember Azimuth being like this. An animal man explains how the citizens of Azimuth became obsessed with property, walls, and exchanging currencies. Armano believes his purpose on Animalea is getting to the heart of went wrong in Azimuth. With help, he dons an animal man disguise and slips into the city.

Gogor #4 cover by Ken Garing
Gogor #4 cover by Ken Garing

Gogor #4 fleshes out the world of Altara by showing us the state of Animalea and its animal men inhabitants. What was once a great city in Azimuth has become a closed-off shell of self-consuming citizens.
The allegory for capitalism isn’t even a little subtle, but it is appreciated by yours truly. The downfalls of Azimuth are presented so simply, yet they seem all the more obvious and poignant in that simplicity. We see how it cannibalized the animal men’s culture and left Azimuth sterile and cold.
Ragging on our economic system isn’t the only thing that Gogor #4 has to offer though. We learn some of Armano’s past and why he values his companions in Acadamea so much.
We also see more of the villains behind the Domus, and we learn what the next steps in their plan are.
Gogor #4 art and lettering by Ken Garing
Gogor #4 art and lettering by Ken Garing

Ken Garing’s artwork continues to craft a beautiful world with Altara and the islands in it. Azimuth and the Isles of Ruin are such distinct and memorable places, and the creatures that inhabit this world are expressive and compelling in their appearance. The color art is strong and pops off the page well.
Gogor #4 is another charming and engaging issue of this fantasy series. Armano continues to be fleshed out as a likeable and interesting character, and we learn more of the world that surrounds him. It’s an issue well worth recommending. Feel free to give it a read.
Gogor #4 comes to us from writer, artist, cover artist, and letterer Ken Garing.
Final Score: 8.5/10

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