Marvel Teases Incoming Puzzle With A Murder Mystery & Eternity

by James Ferguson

Marvel Comics is at it again with cryptic images teasing upcoming storylines. This time we’ve got a murder mystery with some literal puzzle pieces for something called “Incoming” and the date of December 26th, 2019. I don’t think anyone wants a dead body as a late Christmas gift.

In any case, the big question here is who is under the sheet? There are representatives from the Fantastic Four and the Avengers in this shot. Is that another clue? Time will tell as this puzzle begins to come together. Maybe we should start with the sides and corners first and work our way in.

A second piece was later revealed with the title “A glimpse of eternity.”  More puzzle pieces coming together with this, but the picture isn’t very clear just yet.

A third piece arrived featuring Professor X, Magneto, and Apocalypse.  Do you see the bigger picture yet?

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