Jason Learns The Truth Behind Shattered Grid In Go Go Power Rangers #23

by James Ferguson

What happened after the Power Rangers defeated Lord Drakkon during Shattered Grid? Jason is about to find out as the Blue Emissary reveals the truth, pumping the information right into his brain. More questions arise as the rest of the team is in danger, fighting for their lives against Lord Zedd’s latest creation, the dread War Bunny.

Necessary Evil gets a bit more serious in Go Go Power Rangers #23. Jason already carried the weight of the world on his shoulders and now he’s the only one with a peek behind the veil. Meanwhile, Trini is forced to make a tough decision about those closest to her. She feels she’s putting others in danger by serving as a Power Ranger, so she gives up volunteering at a local shelter even though she loves it. Since Lord Zedd knows who she is, there’s no telling when he can strike so she feels obligated to make a sacrifice like this.
This is a turn in Trini, showing a more grown-up, stoic approach. It’s a little heartbreaking, like her last shreds of innocence just died. She’s doing what’s right by saving the world time and time again as a Power Ranger, but at what cost? Is her happiness a price she’s willing to pay for that? Writers Ryan Parrott & Sina Grace show a different side to Trini that shows some real character development.

Artist Francesco Mortarino definitely captures this as well with how Trini holds herself. Where Mortarino really excels is during the battle with War Bunny. The Zords are called in for the showdown and there’s some great action shots. The ThunderZords always looked a little blocky in the show and that same stiffness comes through here. Yes, they look awesome and they’re super powerful, but I’m not certain that if they fell over they’d be able to get back on their feet without some help.
Jason’s Red DragonZord is a definite stand out, especially in its warrior mode. It’s slender, yet strong, standing confidently at the front of the pack to face War Bunny head on. The monster is screaming his head off, corrupted by the machinations of Lord Zedd. Letterer Ed Dukeshire brings that rage out of the creature with big, bold word balloons.

Jason’s visions bookend Go Go Power Rangers #23. His mind can’t just accept this new information. It has to process it. This happens by living the violence and menacing power of Drakkon. He’s transported to a desolate land, devoid of hope. Colorist Raul Angulo paints a dreary picture with a dark green sky that hangs like an ominous cloud above the Red Ranger. If you ever had any doubts that Jason is a born leader, just read this sequence.

I’m very intrigued by the Blue Emissary and his cryptic statements. There’s something big and foreboding coming and I’m not certain the Power Rangers are ready for it. I just can’t wait to find out what happened after Shattered Grid. The creative team has steadily built up that anticipation while maintaining the solid character work that has come to define this series. This is an epic adventure that you can only get from the Power Rangers.
Go Go Power Rangers #23 from Boom! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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