The King’s Man Gathers His Masses In New Trailer

by Erik Amaya

20th Century Fox recently unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming Kingsman prequel, The King’s Man. Taking its cues from the Black Sabbath song “War Pigs,” the trailer hints at the earliest days of the Kingsman secret service during the Great War. The group includes Ralph Fiennes (as T.E. Lawrence!), Gemma Arterton and Djimon Honsou. But it wouldn’t be a Kingsman movie without a novice agent, so Harris Dickson fills that role as the team tries to prevent World War I from occurring. Of course, a group of businessman and the Mad Monk Rasputin (Rhys Ifans) have vested interests in a world at war, so they may prove to be more than a match for the first independent intelligence agency.

And, honestly, a genre film set during World War I is an intriguing idea. The conflict’s more obscure nature — and the US’s late entry into the fight — always made it a less-than-popular setting than its better known sequel, but it was a monumental ordeal in Europe. Also, it is an important piece to understanding the 20th Century as a whole and even our current strifes.

Not that the historic importance of the Great War will matter all that much to The King’s Man. It is based in Mark Millar’s more insane world, so the key thing it gives the story is one of history’s more flamboyant villains as its own super-criminal. Nonetheless, these Kingsman movies are better than they have any right to be, so we’re looking forward to seeing what series director Matthew Vaughn does with a prequel.

The King’s Man hits theaters on February 14th.

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