Trailer For Ascendence Of A Bookworm Drops

by Anna Lindwasser

Isekai might be the hottest genre to hit the world of anime in the past five years, but it does have one problem – it’s almost exclusively devoted to male protagonists. While there are plenty of reasons to love male isekai heroes like Rimuru Tempest and Kirito, the genre cries out for a more balanced approach. Girls and woman want to imagine themselves traveling to magical lands too.

In Fall 2019, Ascendance of a Bookworm adds a rare female protagonist to the isekai canon. Motosu Urano is a college student who dreams of becoming a librarian. When she’s reborn in a world with low literacy levels and little access to the books she loves, she decides she isn’t going to give up. Instead, she’ll make her own books, and make them accessible to the public.

With such a unique storyline, this series should be on your to-watch list. It will be handled by Ajia-Do, a studio that isn’t as well known as giants like Madhouse and Studio Bones, but which still has an impressive store of titles ranging from How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord to Vampire Hunter D. The OP will be Masshiro (真っ白) by Sumire Moroboshi, while the ED will be Kamikazari no Tenshi (髪飾りの天使) by Megumi Nakajima.

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