Rob Guillory’s Farmhand Returns With Issue #11

by Olly MacNamee

There seems to be a bumper crop of great comics resurfacing lately, and Farmhand is one of those. Issue #11 is due to come out November 20th from Rob Guillory, this new story arc will take readers up to the halfway point for the series. A series aiming to run for 30 issues. Although, there is also a TV show in production by AMC. And, with Guillory set to write the pilot episode, here’s hoping it’s faithful to the comic.

After last issue’s game-changing events, Farmhand #11 sees a weakened Jedidiah Jenkins in search of guidance from an old friend. Unfortunately, her mystical wisdom points to a dark future for the residents of Freetown.

Another one to remind my comic book store to add, one again, to the pull list.

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