Vegas Is For Shapeshifters In Strikeforce #2

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

Blade, Spider Woman, Spectrum, Winter Soldier, Angela, and Wiccan have just arrived in Las Vegas to tell Satana that they just killed her brother, Daimon Hellstrom, and that the fae Vridai have replaced him. Needless to say, they’re not excited to do so, but Jessica thinks some partying is still in order to Angela and Blade’s chagrin. They find Satana with the false Daimon already restrained. After speaking with Satana, the team splits up to further investigate Las Vegas for Vridai incursion. Needless to say, they find what they’re looking for.

Strikeforce #2 cover by Andrea Sorrentino and Dean White
Strikeforce #2 cover by Andrea Sorrentino and Dean White

After reviewing Strikeforce #1, I found myself liking the book less the more I thought about it. Despite having characters I really like such as the Winter Soldier, Spider Woman, Spectrum, and Blade, the story and dialogue just weren’t geling with me after more scrutiny.

Thankfully, Strikeforce #2 is far more fun, fast, and funny than the initial installment. The story feels more focused, the characters get more opportunity to shine, and the action is a lot more grabbing.

Bucky is still, weirdly, a lot of the comic relief of the comic, though Jessica has some good lines too. Satana is always an entertaining character, and I’m happy to see her get some time on the page.

Strikeforce #2 art by Germán Peralta, Miroslav Mrva, and letterer VC's Joe Sabino
Strikeforce #2 art by Germán Peralta, Miroslav Mrva, and letterer VC’s Joe Sabino

Germán Peralta once again provides some great visual work. The characters are given stylish outfits for their Vegas trip, and the action scenes are far more coherent and fun in this issue. There’s a good visual flow throughout the book, and the texture and detailing are solid. Miroslav Mrva gives the comic some great color art which grants the book a distinct and palpable atmosphere and personality.

Strikeforce #2 is a far stronger installment than the opening issue. Tini Howard presents this oddball cast in a compelling manner while focusing the story and allowing Peralta and Mrva to really shine in this issue. This one definitely gets a recommendation. Feel free to give it a read.

Strikeforce #2 comes to us from writer Tini Howard, artist Germán Peralta, color artist Miroslav Mrva, letterer VC’s Joe Sabio, and cover artist and variant cover artist Andrea Sorrentino with Dean White.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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