Classic Comics Coming Back: It’s The Return Of Rubber-Boned Escapologist Janus Stark From Rebellion

by Richard Bruton

More classic comics coming back into print thanks to the Treasury of British Comics – this time it’s a new comic reprinting the first adventures of the rubber-boned Victorian escapologist, Janus Stark!

Behold, Janus Stark! Master of illusion, son of the unknown! No lock can fetter me … no rope or chain can bind my limbs!

Rebellion and the Treasury of British Comics announced the news this week that they’re bringing back another Brit comics character with a new 48-page magazine collection of the early adventures of Janus Stark, The Incredible Adventures of Janus Stark.
It’s just the first of a series of specials planned to bring some more classic Brit characters out of the extensive archives of the IPC back catalogue acquired by Rebellion over the last few years.

The Incredible Adventures of Janus Stark collection begins with his very first adventure in the pages of Smash from 1969. Written by Tom Tully and drawn by Francisco Solano López, the series ran in Smash until moving over to Valiant until its conclusion in 1971. But this Brit hero found wider fame than just here in Britain, with his adventures perhaps even more popular in France, where the original tales continued up until the character’s death in 1990, with none of those French tales ever translated back into English.
Oliver Pickles, editor at Rebellion Publishing, said: “This is a chance to restore his profile as a mainstay of classic British comic characters in the start of this series of affordable collections of his adventures.”
Janus Stark is a most unusual escapologist, blessed with an incredibly flexible bone structure that he uses both in his escapologist act in the Victorian London music halls and when battling crime and injustice. He’s yet another example of the wonderfully weird and quintessentially quirky British heroes you’ll find throughout the Treasury of British Comics.
The Incredible Adventures of Janus Stark is a perfect-bound 48-page magazine that will be available exclusively from the Treasury of British Comics webshop from 27th November, with online pre-orders from 4th November. Early preview copies will be available from the 2000AD stand at the Thought Bubble convention in Harrogate this weekend.

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