TKO Presents Are Back With Four New Series

by Olly MacNamee

With seemingly little fanfare TKO Presents have sneaked out their second wave of comic book series with four new series. As before, all four titles are available as either a trade paperback ($19.99), or as a 6 issue box set of floppies ($29.99).
TKO Presents launched last December with a preliminary four titles consisting of a Sara by Garth Ennis and artist Steve Epting, The 7 Deadly Sins by writer Tze Chun and artist Artyom Trakhanov, Goodnight Paradise by Joshua Dyshart and Alberto Pontichelli and The Fearsome Doctor Fang from Tze Chun, Mike Weiss and Dan McDaid. And now, nearly a year later, they’re back. I enjoyed the Spaghetti Western that was The 7 Deadly Sins as well as pulp drama The Fearsome Doctor Fang both written by Chun, one of the co-founders of the company. This time round they’ve got the likes of Jeff Lemire, Jordie Bellaire, Roxanne Gay and more creating comics for them.
Here’s a look at the details for all four of the new series and the creative teams attached. A rather impressive team of creators too, with a variety of stories to tell.

The Bank$ by Roxanne Gay, Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire

From New York Times bestselling writer Roxane Gay (Hunger; Black Panther) and artist Ming Doyle (The Kitchen). The women of the Banks family are the most successful thieves in Chicago, but during the heist of a lifetime, they must band together to avenge a loved one taken too soon.

Sentient by Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta

From Eisner Award-winners Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer) and Gabriel Walta (The Vision). When an attack kills the adults on a colony ship, the on-board A.I. Valerie must help the ship’s children survive the perils of space. Can Valerie rise to the task?

Pound for Pound by Natalie Chaidez, Andy Belanger and Daniela Miwa

Underground MMA fighter Dani Libra fears nothing… except for the recurring blackouts that spark memories of a bloody past. When her sister is kidnapped, Dani must shine a light on the darkness in her own mind, but how long can she keep her own demons at bay?

Eve of Extinction by Sal Simcone, Steve Simcone, Nik Virella and Ruth Redmond

The rain brought something. Something that changed the men into something inhuman. To rescue their stranded daughter, two mothers must survive the hurricane and the horrors it unleashed. Can they work together long enough to save their only child?

So, will it be another year until we hear from these young punks, or sooner?

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