Winding Up For An Early Rapture With Steeple #3

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
We jump back seven months, when the company called RenewCharist was attempting to build a wind farm for Tredregyn. There was a town forum on the matter with many people against the farm, but public opinion ultimately turned in favor of RenewCharist. In the present, Penrose goes to visit an old friend and learn about RenewCharist, and the Tredregyn Satanic Church has a rude awakening when they discover that the wind turbines are shaped like giant Crucifixes. However, it’s Reverend Penrose who discovers the true threat of the wind turbines: the founders of RenewCharist are trying to start an early Rapture.

Steeple #3 cover by John Allison and Sarah Stern
Steeple #3 cover by John Allison and Sarah Stern

Steeple #3 takes this already strange and quirky comic and turns the insanity up a few dials with an attempted rapture and team-up between Catholics and Satanists.
There isn’t much of a build-up to the big crazy either; everything seems relatively normal until Penrose runs onto the scene declaring that RenewCharist is trying to kick off a pre-Rapture.
Up until that point, it’s mostly the kind of quirky humor you’d expect from a John Allison comic. The town forum is a mixture of ill-informed yokels and concern about wind turbine-bird murder. After that, it’s the Satanists waking up hungover from the black mass and learning that there are giant Crucifixes in view of their window. All of this is uncommon, but none of it prepares you for a giant pre-Rapture.
None of this is a complaint, just to be clear. While a build-up is nice, it’s not essential in a comic like this. We’ve already had mermen; church-going corporate execs trying to take the quick route to the ever after isn’t exactly completely out of the question. 
John Allison’s artwork retains its charm and stylism, but it still feels a little undercooked in this comic. It’s not as clean as some of his other comics, and there’s almost no texture detailing. It still looks decent, but this is far from a visual powerhouse comic. Sarah Stern helps with a strong color palette, but that can only do so much for a book.
Steeple #3 is perhaps the best issue of the series so far. It has humor, charm, and out-of-left-field crescendos that will keep your eyes trained on the page and eager to see what happens next. Needless to say, it earns a recommendation from me. Check it out.
Steeple #3 comes to us from writer and artist John Allison, color artist Sarah Stern, letterer Jim Campbell, cover artist John Allison with Sarah Stern, and variant cover artist Nick Roche with Josh Burcham.
Final Score: 8/10

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