The Flash Feature Film Gets A 2022 Release Date While Akira Falls Off The Schedule Again

by Erik Amaya

The Flash‘s cinematic starting line may actually be set.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Pictures has set its long-in-development feature film version of the Flash for release on July 1st, 2022. The project, one of the first the studio announced for its DC films universes, was originally slated for release in 2018.
Taking its cues from Justice League, the film will star Ezra Miller as the more Peter Parker-esque Barry Allen. According to reports, the actor also campaigned for the film to be darker than the tone associated with the property. It is unclear if he won as a script co-written by him and comic book legend Grant Morrison was passed over by the studio in favor of a take by Birds of Prey and Batgirl writer Christina Hodson. It‘s Andy Muschietti will direct the film and production will presumably get underway when Miller completes his commitment to the third Fantastic Beasts film.
Of course, we’re always dubious about The Flash feature. Besides its shifting release date, it has always been a project in search of a purpose. A succession of departing directors, abandoned ideas, and Miller’s near exit last May leaves us wondering if they’ve found a story worth telling or if it is just a dogged commitment to seeing any return on nearly ten years of development. Consequently, we will not believe the film will come out until we’re watching it in theaters.
The site also reports the May 21st, 2021 release date previously held by Akira will now be occupied by the fourth Matrix film. Like The Flash, Akira has seen a lot of directors come and go over the years. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is the most recent. His decision to director a fourth Thor film has put Akira on hold once again. But let’s face it, Akira‘s best destiny is a never-ending development hell as adapting it is filled with enormous cultural hurdles the studio is not equipped to deal with.

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