The Best Of 2000AD: Redesigning The Classics

by Richard Bruton

Revealed earlier this week, the reason all those advance review copies of the new Best of 2000 AD were lacking a logo became clear… it’s time for a brand-new logo for 2000 AD

(Best of 2000 AD #1 – cover by Jamie McKelvie)

Designed by Tom Muller, who also was at the helm of the recent X-Men line make-over, it’s another bold look for the comic, following of course in the footsteps of Steve Cook and Rian Hughes et al. And it all looks rather nifty, don’t you think? Modern, striking, stylish.
Best of 2000AD is the new 12-issue series beginning in April (with a special zero issue for Free Comic Book Day), featuring some of the very best from 2000AD over the years.
Basically, it’s the big answer to the question often asked of 2000AD… where do I start? After all, this is a comic that’s been going since 1977 and has never gone the route of either the big events or the complete re-do to attract new readers. Instead, it’s a comic that lets the stories do the work, lets the characters attract the readership.
But with the new Best Of… series, alongside the new Dredd graphic novel series, The Essential Dredd, there’s a sense that 2000AD is really pushing hard to get new readers onboard, both here in the UK but more importantly perhaps over in the USA, where it’s never had the traction that it has over this side of the Atlantic.
To give you a taste, the first issue, under that great looking cover from Jamie McKelvie and the new design from Tom Muller, features five strips including Judge Dredd: Terror by John Wagner and Colin MacNeil (the complete tale from Progs 1392-1399), Jaegir by Gordon Rennie and Simon Coleby, Halo Jones by Alan Moore, Ian Gibson, as recently colored by Barbara Nosenzo, Brink by Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard, and ending with the single-pager Mr Meat Bingo’s Zombie Umbrella by Henry Flint.
And all of this under brand-new covers for the series all under that same Muller design…

(FCBD cover by Glenn Fabry)

(Cover by Becky Cloonan)

(Cover by Charlie Adlard)

(Cover by Erica Henderson)

(Cover by Annie Wu)

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