Silent Knight: Preview Detective Comics #1019 From Tomasi, Godlewski And Baron

by Olly MacNamee

Batman is on the case. Batman is always on the case, but this time he’s being hindered somewhat in investigating a series of horrendous murders by a 17th century axe-wielding cult warrior/leader. Hmmm. seems there’s more than one mystery to be solved in this week’s Detective Comics #1019 from Peter J Tomasi, Scott Godlewski (who’s artwork here resembles that of Francis Manapul; a good enough reason to buy this book without the added bonus of Tomasi on script duties), David Baron and Rob Leigh.

The Dark Knight is on the trail of the figure behind a brutal series of murders across Gotham City – and what he finds will send a cold shiver up his spine! A public attack on Bruce Wayne has brought the possible perpetrator of these murders to light…so what is an axe-wielding cult leader from the 1600s doing in present-day Gotham? Find out for yourself in the conclusion to Batman’s “Silent Knight.”

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