Oni Press Reveals Young Reader & Middle Grade 2020 Lineup

by James Ferguson

I’m a big advocate for all-ages comics and those meant for children. If we don’t get kids into comics, where will this industry go when we shuffle off this mortal coil? That’s why I’m excited to hear about the young reader and middle grade books Oni Press has coming out this year. The publisher shared some details about its lineup that sound pretty fun.

First up we’ve got This is a Flying Rat from Andrew Cangelose and Jose Shipley. It follows a jetpack-wearing, graffiti-painting rat who zooms around the city claiming pigeons and flying rats are the same thing. He’ll have to pass a series of tests to prove he’s got the feathers to be in the book.
Editor Grace Bornhoft says:

Cangelose and Shipley never cease to amaze me in their ability to seamlessly weave a story that’s equal parts witty, educational, goofy, and warmhearted. This Is a Flying Rat is the perfect follow up in their series of children’s books about the importance of being the author of your own story.

This is a Flying Rat is set for release on September 1st, 2020.

Next we have Frankie and the Creepy Cute Critters from Caitlin Rose Boyle. It centers on Frankie Fairy who enjoys learning about the creepy crawly critters in her backyard. She’s at a new school and excited to learn more about bugs there but the other fairy kids think she’s the creepy one. Is she really that scary? And is that a bad thing?
Frankie and the Creepy Cute Critters is set for release on October 6th, 2020.

Finally, there’s Wizerd! And the Potion of Dreams! by Michael Sweater and Rachel Dukes following a garden-tending wizerd dragged into the adventuring life by a small warrior princess. They search for the ingredients to a wish-granting potion. The princess wants to wish to get big, strong, and hunky. Along the way they’ll encounter ransacking goblins, a too-noble knight, an evil wych, and the warrior’s endless appetite.
Wizerd! And the Potion of Dreams! is set for release on September 8th, 2020.

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