Kate Faces The Embrace Of The Vampire In A Preview Of Next Week’s Batwoman

by Erik Amaya

With Alice (Rachel Skarsten) likely taking some sort of a break to nurse her wounds, next week’s episode of Batwoman sees Kate (Ruby Rose) facing a new threat of the vampire sort. Not that we believe in anything supernatural in Gotham City despite being on a planet with Supergirls, speedsters and time travelers. But maybe meeting something of a more classical monster nature will convince Kate her world is stranger than it seems.

And it is interesting to see how well Batwoman plays with the crazier aspects of the Arrowverse (like double Beth Kanes) and turns it into entertaining drama. Kate’s decision to heal Beth over Alive was genuinely effecting — particularly as it was revealed via flashback and gave Rose the chance to act against both of Skarsten’s characters in the moment of decision. Kate’s subsequent breakdown as Alice lay dying was quite emotional and left us feeling, for a moment, that Beth might actually survive. But then she took her helmet off at the motel, and we knew she was toast. That said, we have to congratulate the show for making it seem as though it would alter one of its primary concepts and keep the sane Beth as a part of the cast.
But now that Alice knows Kate wouldn’t save her, it will be interesting to see how things play out. Presumably, the things holding Alice back are off the board and she’ll finally enact the larger parts of her plan. Well, that’s assuming Cartwright (John Emmet Tracy) doesn’t get to her first. Then again, he might not be ready to take on a fully unleashed Alice either. Either way, we hope the show can continue to integrate weirder ideas into the program as they definitely bring the characters to life.
Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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