Review: Brothers Go To War In ‘Thor’ #3

by Tony Thornley
Cover by Olivier Coipel and Laura Martin

The Mighty Thor has only the herald of Galactus for a moment, but he’s already crossed one of his greatest allies. Thor #3 chronicles that conflict, one of the greatest in the God of Thunder’s long, long life.

Donny Cates, Nic Klein, Matthew Wilson and Joe Sabino bring Beta Ray Bill into Thor’s quest.

Over a ruined world, Bill stands against Thor, ready to stop him at any cost. The Thunder God has gone too far, even with the most noble of intentions. The conflict that follows will be one that the heavens will remember forever…

This is a simple issue, but that’s where its beauty lies. Cates quickly establishes the relationship between the duo, giving the battle that follows hefty emotional stakes. From there, he lets loose and steps out of Klein’s way in an absolutely epic throwdown. It’s full of depth and emotional weight, especially thanks to Cates’ narration, but it’s still an epic brawl. 

This issue is really Klein and Wilson’s. Klein sets the tone with two splash pages of weighty violence (which Wilson fills with depth thanks to his light-filled palette), then immediately transitions into the face-off between Thor and Bill. Thor feels ethereal and disconnected throughout, with his flowing cape and hair, as well as the glowing highlights of his armor. It makes it easy to see Bill’s side, and empathize with the alien warrior, even as the two heroes do battle.

This feels like a somewhat slight chapter, with a brawl filling the majority of the issue. However it’s one that will clearly be important to the story to come, and to the characters it features. More than anything though, it sets a tone that this will be a very different Thor story than what we’ve seen in a long time. That makes this exciting as hell.

Thor #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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